Thursday, 26 March 2009

South Africa, batch #9

As I mentioned yesterday, this Thursday in South Africa turned out to be really warm, beautiful and sunny. And so was our afternoon game drive. The rhinos and lions were the highlights.

Our first rhino sight was these two and the next day we saw this guy, so it was pretty cool seeing a whole group of them at once. There are four rhinos in the picture, but a fifth came and joined in too.

And then there were the lions. Wow! What a sight that was! You might remember the video of our first sight of lions. This was something different. At dusk we drove along a road were we constantly had to duck for spiders (eeep!), and then we found them - lying there in the middle of the road by the fence. They were so still, so relaxed, cuddling and caring for each other. It wasn't frightening at all to be so close to them in a open car. Not even when the male lion came sneaking on my side of the car. Such beautiful animals!

After watching the sun set over a lake, we had drinks in the bush. And while driving home in the dark, we scared away all animals by singing this children's song out loud - Dyrene i Afrika ("the animals in Africa"). We were actually very close to a female leopard - the only one of the big five we hadn't already seen - but she was too shy to come out from the bushes.

The South Africa set

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  1. Oh the lions are AMAZING. Wow. Simply magnificent creatures.



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