Wednesday, 18 March 2009

South Africa, batch #3

Part of the reason I traveled to South Africa last week, was to help bring home two marula trees to the Natural History Museum in Oslo. It's the first time marula trees have been taken out of South Africa, and they are the first marula trees to come to Norway. How about that?!

Legends abound on the multiple uses of the tree, the bark, the leaves, fruit, nut and kernels. Most well known as the fruit that "drives elephants mad" when dropped to the ground and lightly fermented, marula is a much-loved tree in the veld in Africa. (Read more here.)

The fruit of the marula tree is used to make the cream liqueur Amarula. The flesh of the fruit is similar to lychee, with a sweet and juicy taste. Amarula tastes similar to Baileys, but it is fresher and not so sweet. I like it on the rocks as a nice little dessert, or in my coffee instead of milk. Take a look at the Amarula website for cocktail tips and other ways to enjoy the drink.

The marula fruits are harvested by local women, who deliver them to the Amarula Lapa (situated about 12 km outside Phalaborwa in South Africa's Limpopo Province) for pulp processing. In the off-season, Amarula sponsors community-based job creation projects to supplement the women's income. Read more about this and other projects Amarula support on the Amarula website.

I uploaded batch #3 of photos from South Africa last night. The photos are from Wednesday morning when we visited Amarula Lapa, met local women and the official handing over of the marula trees. Find the photos here.


  1. Mmmm, den frukten så god ut:) Er veldig glad i lychee:) Flotte bilder!

  2. We love Amarula! My hiusband brought this home from Africa

  3. these photos are spectacular. feel like i'm there.

  4. What an amazing opportunity and wonderful story!

    Now I would like a coffee with Bailey's on this cold afternoon...



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