Thursday, 26 March 2009

interior decorating blogs

I have written an article - kind of a guide - about blogs focusing on interior decorating. I think you might recognize some of them, and hopefully you will be introduced to some new ones. Enjoy!

Read the article (in Norwegian) over at

I asked all the bloggers to answers these questions:
1 What is your blog about?
2 Which interior decorating style do you like best?
3 What is your dream house?
4 Why do you blog?

Here are my answers:

1 Hei Astrid is about design, magazines, travel, food, fashion and photography. This is where I collect my inspiring finds and stories of everyday life in general and my life as a freelance journalist and copywriter specifically.

2 I like a personal mix of old and new, cheap and expensive. Design classics, gladly Scandinavian, mixed with thrift store finds and a bit of humour. Functionality and light are important. The base should be white with splashes of colour, for example in art, and natural materials like wood and stone.

3 My dream home doesn’t need to be very big, but the layout has to be optimal and functional for my family. It has to have lots of light and a nice view, and it should be close to both nature and the city.

4 I blog because I enjoy sharing my inspiration with other people, and I like the community feeling that arise between bloggers.

PS! Welcome to all of you who are new to Hei Astrid. I appreciate your visit :-)


  1. Welcome to :O) Good idea of an article!

  2. Hei, Gratulerer med inspirerende omtale av interiørbloggere i dag. Velkommen inn til romantisk frukthage og gammelt sveitserhus på klem Siv

  3. Hie, This is a great idea! I want to introduce you to another decorating blog, The Decorating Voice we have decorating blogs listed on our blog as well. I hope you stop by to visit. Marleen

  4. One more thing... The Decorating Voice blog is having a Decorating Spring Fling and a chance to win an iPod. Marleen

  5. hei, oppdaget bloggen din gjennom den artikkelen. du tar mange bra bilder!!

  6. I agree with you, nice philosophy

  7. oh cool, i'll have to check them all out! loving all your pics from sa, by the way!

  8. It looks great! Thanks for including me :o)

  9. I totally agree with your basic idea behind blogging and sharing what you have in your mind. Inspirations comes from other paople's work and seeing them helps improve you own school of thought.

  10. Hi Astrid, I saw this apartment therapy blog contest online and remebered you and Solve remodeled a large part of your place. Also your home is always so stylish I think it might win.

  11. I like your rug! Its so cute! :P Thanks for the tips. Its very entertaining and very helpful.

  12. Hi,

    Great post! Thanks for the idea share. It was a big help in home decorating and im learn from it.


  13. Hi and by the stack of books beside you on the couch I see that you are a lot like me . I read decorating books constantly. Always learning. Check out my website for ideas also. Good luck with your blog.

  14. Hi Astrid, really love your ideas and your blog, keep up the work, looking for good upto date features, furniture and interior ideas have a look at please have a look.

  15. Thank for this great post, i like what you


  16. Hi friend! Glad to hear that we shared the same likeness and struggle to be one, interior designer. I even copied what you posted in here because I found it very informative for designers wannnabe’s like me, LOL. I have learned too from this site Astrid,, Infos on Interior Designing, check it out; you might harvest something that could add more to your amazing designing prowess.
    Hear from you more!

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