Thursday, 5 March 2009

Norwegian blogs

I like this, via Malo blogg

I know quite a few of you who stop by here are interested in interior design and decorating. If you are interested in exploring Norwegian blogs about this theme, you should head over to Norske interiørblogger (meaning Norwegian interior blogs). This blog is a directory of heaps of Norwegian interior design and decorating blogs. Most of them are written in Norwegian, but I'm sure you'll find some inspiring photos. Now go get lost in Norwegian blogs - enjoy!

Norske Interiørblogger is run by the three girls of the lovely Flittiglisene blog.

To all of you who found your way to hei Astrid from Norske interiørblogger: Thanks a lot for stopping by! It's nice to know I have Norwegian readers too :-)


  1. Thanks for the link, didn't know about them=) They probably won't accept my blog since I don't write in Norwegian, but it's alway nice to see what people are up to!

  2. I'm sure they will! I'm registered over there and I write in English too :-)

  3. Just the photos are so inspiring. My perfect home style is Scandinavian.

  4. Thanks for the links - I am so in love with Scandinavian interiors!



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