Monday, 23 March 2009

Haukeliseter skiing

We skied this weekend and it was awesome!

I mentioned on Friday that we planned to go from cabin to cabin. For different reasons we decided to just stay at Haukeliseter, which was super. Saturday was really, really beautiful, but it was a bit difficult to find the right wax. Either it was too slippery (bakglatt) or we got big lump of snow stuck under the skis (klabber). Sunday started really nice, with a long breakfast and a sunny view. It was really windy when we were out skiing, and after a while it started snowing and everything became white. I'm sure a lot of you know this feeling very well, but if you haven't experienced it... well, it's like walking in the dark, except everything is white. You can hardly see anything, which is quite funny when the people skiing in front of you suddenly fall over because there is a small downhill slope they didn't see... Anyway, we were close to the cabin, so we managed fine. See the rest of the photos here.

Did you do anything awesome this weekend?

FYI: I'll upload more photos from South Africa this week, and soon I'll get back to more varied posts again.

EDIT: March is officially the first month of spring, so I updated the blog header with a less snowy, more flowery photo. But I'm not all done with snow for the season yet. There will still be a lot more cross country skiing during Easter, and hopefully some more downhill skiing after Easter.


  1. It was Saint Joseh holidqays in Spain..4 days off, and an awesome spring sun with friends, kids, good food and many, many laughters...

    I wish I could go back to Norway soon...

  2. lovely - my shiba inu would have been in heaven! do these dogs have the same name in norway?

  3. I think it's normally just called shiba.



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