Friday, 6 March 2009

from winter to summer

These shots were taken about a month ago, in early February, when Bergen was a winter wonderland. Yesterday felt almost warm and spring-like, today it's pouring down.

I briefly mentioned it earlier; I'm off to South Africa in March. Well, that time of March has now come, and I'm boarding the plane to the southern hemisphere on Monday. But first I'm getting on the train to Oslo to visit my dear friend L for the weekend. I don't think I'll be much around the next week, but I'm bringing my laptop and who knows, maybe I'll find Internet somewhere on my travel.

For those of you who enjoy reading travel stories, I recommend my good friend Max's old travel blog. In 2005/2006 he spent one year traveling in Asia. He started his journey on the Trans-Siberia, met up with our mutual friend Espen in India where they both bought an old Royal Enfield, and then Max drove home to Norway - solo - on this motorcycle. It was quite a journey, and on his blog he tells the stories (in English) of his adventures.

And now something not travel related.

I little while ago, when working on an article related to this question, I was in contact with the very lovely Jane Cumberbatch, the creator of Pure Style. I have mentioned Pure Style a couple of times before - here and here - but it's so inspiring that it's very well worth mentioning again.

I took the opportunity and asked Jane a few questions that I could post here:

I noticed you have a blog. What is your motivation to write a blog? To what extent do you use blogs (and the internet in general) as inspiration resources in your own work?

- I write a blog because it keeps me thinking about new ideas and helps to focus my thoughts. I also love taking pictures, and creating a story around them. I also think it’s a good way of giving readers of my books an ongoing journal – a way of keeping the website alive and inspiring.

Bergen where I live is really grey and wet this time of year, so are a lot of other places in the northern hemisphere. What is your best tip for an instant cheer me up at home?

- A blazing log fire and chocolate cake for tea.

Read more about Jane in these interviews:
- Hoping for happy accidents: accidental interview #5
- port2port press: interview with Jane

So long friends!
I promise to bring back heaps of photos from South Africa.


  1. Have fun in South Africa. Chocolate cake for tea sounds wonderful, that made me love my Pure Style book a little bit more...

  2. Ha en fin tur til sør afrika! Det høres spennende ut, du tar sikkert mange fine bilder, som alltid! Bra tid å reise på, været i dag var det verste hittil ;D Fin post ellers, med linker til ny innspirasjon, ja det er viktig å holde fokus! God helg :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to Max's blog - I love reading travel tales and what an exciting adventure that looks!

    Bon Voyage, have a fabulous time in SA and take lots of photos!! :)

  4. that last picture is really wonderful.

  5. All that travel sounds so wonderful! These pictures are lovely as well.

  6. Spennende, Astrid! Dette har jeg faktisk ikke fått med meg... :-)
    Takk for et bra Jane-intervju!
    Har du alle bøkene hennes?



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