Tuesday, 31 March 2009

bits & pieces

This photo was taken at Grünerløkka in Oslo, Monday March 9th, outside the Probat shop (obviously!). Before I got on the plane to South Africa, I met my sister Mari in Oslo. We had coffee and scones at Kaffebrenneriet and soup at Cafe Sør. It was so nice.

Check out Probat, they have some really cool t-shirts. If you don't understand Norwegian, you should check out the sister site Norwegian tees. I love it!

Sometimes blogging and Flickr and keeping up with it all are a bit overwhelming. Shanna Murray recently wrote an excellent blog post about this, and it seems like I'm not the only one feeling that way. Sometimes I even consider deleting all my accounts. As I have told you before, I'm easily distracted, and there are days I don't get any work done because I waste the time surfing around on Flickr and blogs. It's fun for a while, but then I get bored yet I can't stop clicking. Why is that? I recommend you read her post and all the comments. I think its spot on.

I'm loving
- Jen11
- Ashley and Leah's new blog; the light collectors
- mav's new website
- 3191 Miles Apart (they did it again!)
- Brian's tunes for March 09 (song #1 makes me super happy)
- little miss twig (yay! she's back!)
- my friend Jakob's dog Hama
- my nieces

Tomorrow is already April. How did that happen?! Well, I think April will be good. Especially since it starts with a long Easter vacation at the mountain cabin.


  1. yay for little miss twig!!!

  2. thank you for this post. i read the post from shanna murray on the blogs and i'm going to try the list of 5 blogs to read. after sifting through over 300 posts last night, trying to catch up, i think i'm ready for a change. i need to be more productive in my life. so thank you again for the link! it was truly perfect timing. :)

  3. oh Astrid, you sweet pea. We love you. xoxo

  4. Thank you for these links, Astrid! Especially Shanna's...that's where I've been the last several months and it's been really nice.

    And thanks for the "Yay!" It's nice to be back :)



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