Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I remember the first time I saw a photo of a sleeping person; it really captured me. I can hardly think of anything else more pure and peaceful yet vulnerable.

My heart skipped a beat when I was introduced to Regin Hjertholm's "Søvn" series. An exhibition of this series can been seen at Galleri S.E in Bergen until February 22nd. (Yes, I'm going to see it as soon as possible!)

From the gallery's press release:

Over the last four years the artist Regin Hjertholm has captured 4500 images of 112 sleeping persons over 66 nights. All the photos have been shot in the artist’s own studio in Bergen - where all models slept on a big mattress beneath a camera mounted in the ceiling. The automated camera took one picture every 8 minutes throughout the night.

A selection of 18 photographs will be presented at Galleri S.E - together with two videos portraying the same people seen in the photographs.

See more photos from the Søvn series on the artist's and the gallery's websites.


  1. I absolutly adooore this idea! I wish I could see the exhibition for real!

  2. åh - takk for at du sa fra! jeg så de fotografiene i bt i høst en gang, og begynte nesten å gråte. jeg fikk onen eksamplarer av avisa, og har brukt bildene som innpakningspapir..:)
    den utstillinga må jeg jommen få med meg.

  3. Oh wow, that is awesome. Enjoy the photos in person. I love the one with the doggie in the middle. Cool site, thanks for linking

  4. oh this is truly wonderful.



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