Monday, 16 February 2009


Monday morning. It's grey and wet outside, and the beautiful snow has started to melt. I should have gone to bed much earlier yesterday, but I wanted to get the most out of the super lazy Sunday at home. We slept in, I caught up on my magazines reading, we ordered pizza, and saw two very different movies; Tropic Thunder and In the Valley of Elah. I recommend both. The first for being funny, the second for being realistic and thought-provoking. You should also see this.

I recently discovered Susannah's blog - In on my fingers. I really enjoy her writing and photography. Here are two posts that caught my eye and that I think you should read too: Canine wisdom and The PR version.

Happy Monday!

Edited to add another link worth checking out: My friend Mathias shared this link yesterday. You should see it.


  1. Happy Monday and thanks for the links. Off the check them out...

  2. Hei og takk for hilsen på bloggen min! :) Mailen min er

    Herlig bilde! De koppene er så søte. Jeg samler på det serviset i rosa, eller samler og samler... har så langt fem frokostfat! :)

  3. Hei Astrid! Så meldingen din, takk for inspirerende ord :)
    min mailadr

  4. New to your blog, thinking on my one one, thanks a lot for all the links! your blog and theirs are really inspirationals.

  5. happy Monday to you!
    top of the day :)

  6. hei Astrid! i'm so happy to know you're enjoying my blog :) and thank you for linking to those two posts - it was actually really good to read them back. This morning i got up at 7am, but not because of depression but because i was fully rested and ready to get up and do some work - such a difference from how i was feeling when i wrote that other post. It's such a good feeling to see how far i've come - thank you for this gift this morning x

  7. ps Battlestar Gallactica? YES!

  8. This is a winderful blog, like everyone says. I've been following this for a while, but i just realized your love for magazines, with the link to your flickr album in this post. I REALLY share that love, I have to many to read on my bedside table.

    Here is the point: I live in a small town where there is a terrible lack of visually good magazines... what are your favorites? Since Domino died, I'm lost (ok, there are worst situations in the world right now, i know). Thanks!!



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