Monday, 2 February 2009

my weekend

Friday night we had visitors from Oslo. I made lasagne and we played Magic like we used to do when they too lived in Bergen.

Saturday and Sunday we skied at Voss. It was sunny and a whole lot of fun. Skiing, both downhill and cross country, is one of the things I really love about winter.

We had a slow Sunday morning at Åsly before we headed to the slopes. Magazine and book reading, and a lovely breakfast. Although I didn't really like the carrot juice, but I had to taste it anyway.

When we got home to Bergen Sunday afternoon, Sølve lit the fireplace while I heated the lasagna and salmon for a leftover dinner. He worked a bit and I did a little tidying and Flickring. And then he took out his violin and played a little.

It was such a lovely weekend and now I'm ready to start the week - and February. I have a feeling it will be a good and productive week.

I hope you too had a lovely weekend.


  1. hei again! i posted a photo of your orange wall ((which i love love by the way)) on my blog today...was happy to have discovered 'hei astrid' and wanted to share.....

    enjoy your start to the week. x c

  2. Hørtes ut som en veldig herlig helg, med eller uten tomatjuice:)

    Litt misunnelig på vossturen, vi bor og i Bergen, men kom oss ikke lengre enn togstasjonen i helgen, hvor lillegutt kunne se tog. Stor stas det også, hihi:)



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