Monday, 2 February 2009

to color, or not to color

I'm working on an article about different approaches to home decorating. You might remember that I asked for a little help regarding this theme a little while ago.

Anyway, while working on this article today, I came across the blog of the editor of Norwegian Elle Deco, Helle Tjaberg of Elle Interiør. Well, she has two blogs. There's one on the homepage of Elle Interiør, and there's one over at Her last post at caught my eye; the art of flirting with color. Basically she says she has lived with white walls too long, but now they are changed. Her home is not decorated in all the colors of the rainbow, but in shades of brown and grey.

I really love one of the photos Helle posted (the one above). Such a lovely mix of colors and furniture.

I agree, some color is good, although I did the opposite; I swapped orange with white. I think I prefer white walls as a neutral backdrop to the colors added by for example furniture, art, books and other accessories. But then again, I might have to add a little more color again soon. Maybe I should paint the chairs... Pink could be cool, like the mirror in the photo above. But I won't paint them all pink. Maybe more of them should be baby blue? Now two are blue, and the rest are in shades of white.

Ah well, we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

What are your preferences? Color or white?


  1. Hei Astrid! :)

    I denne saken er det ingen tvil i mitt hjerte. Jeg er sikkert en av bloggverdenens mest fargeglade personer, men akkurat når det kommer til farge på vegger så sier jeg et stort og rungende NEI ;) La veggene være hvite så får man heller pøse på med fargeklatter i møbler/tekstiler/bilder osv. Har selv en knall oransje vegg i studentleiligheten min som er påtvunget meg av studentsamskipnaden, og jeg skulle gitt mye for å få malt den hvit. Når man bor på 32 kvadrat blir det rett og slett litt for voldsomt med oransje på en HEL VEGG. Har ergret meg mye over dette vågale valget til studentsamskipnaden.

    MEN hvis man har stor plass så synes jeg det kan være kult med farge (helst iform av en kul tapet) på veggen. Men da må det være en STOR leilighet og en liten vegg :)

  2. i like white or neutral colors for bathrooms and maybe kitchens, where i would want cleanliness to be emphasized. but color everywhere else. :)

  3. Jeg la merke til denne artikkelen jeg også.. elsket de sterke fargeklattene her og der. jeg er avhengig av farger i hjemmet mitt! Men henger meg på alvorado. Fargeklatter her og der på hvot bakgrunn. Med mindre man har store flater. Da kan det være stilig med fargevegg. Likte den orange veggen deres feks!

  4. Elsker det bildet! Spesielt den gamle skjenken og den rosa bilderammen! :O)

  5. That is an interesting idea to have your walls in brown and gray and then add color in more decorative pieces and furniture. I really like it! Great photos!

  6. Hi!
    I always (or almost) lived in color, often red or green. I'm moving next month and i am now in a white (or cream) phase. So, I prefer, like you, white or pale wall with touches of color, in accessoiries. I let more options open, that way, I think. You can, maybe, play more with your decor. And, in some way, it is calming to be surrounded by a white, warmer than snow, but colder than yellow sun.

    By the way, I love your blog.
    Nice day!

  7. I love both..and when you own a home it makes things so much easier. You take more risks...I own my home and I am in the process of re-decorating a dining area and livingroom right now. I am also debating with the idea of color. Cute pic! We should link up, let me know. : )

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  8. i'm definitely keener on white but with colour in the non-permanent things. the good thing about painting the chairs is that you can always paint them back if you don't like the end result!

  9. Hello!

    Just found your blog and I love it! I think you have amazing taste! Thanks for posting!

  10. i too fear colorful painted walls. that's why i think gray is a perfect wall color. it compliments all crazy colors and it roots neutral palettes. i recently painted my living room light gray and it looks beautiful with my white moldings and black fireplace.

  11. I agree with you, white or whiteish walls and color everywhere else. Easier to change when you tire of a color, and doesn't show as much when you spill everywhere like I do!

  12. In that first photo..I adore whatever that is with polka dots way in the background. Curtains or shades, perhaps?



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