Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Espen's place

My friend Espen, who was one of the photographers in our wedding, has photographed is own apartment and put it up for sale. It's a really lovely, small apartment - only 33 m² - in one of the most cosy areas of Bergen. See more photos here.

PS: Espen has promised he will come back on Flickr soon. He has a whole bunch of photos from his recent trip to New Zealand that I know he's eager to share.

Talking about Espen's photos on Flickr; see that yellow photo on the livingroom wall? Here it is.


  1. Wonderful flat and fantastic blog!!

    Kisses from Oviedo (Spain),

  2. what a great place espen has - whoever buys it will be very lucky.

  3. It's a pity that Bergen is really far away from us. ; (

    I do like that flat!! ;)

  4. i remember this place :) he did a great job photographing it. is he staying in bergen?

  5. looks much bigger than 33m!
    and what i also wanted to say is that you have a great blog here:)



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