Saturday, 28 February 2009

29 things to do before I turn 30

Today it's 8 months till I turn 30. So, inspired by these ladies - Andrea of Hula Seventy, Nicole of the habit of being, Megan of little breeze and Marion of Marion Hearts - I decided to make a list:

1 explore the many cook books in my shelves and actually try recipes from them
2 start swimming again
3 write more cards and letters – because receiving things in the mailbox is so awesome
4 continue walking to the office every day
5 make a photo album (like I always did before) of the film prints in the shoe box
6 make more Blurb books
7 finish at least three novels
8 cut down on magazine subscriptions
9 spend less time in front of the computer
10 mow the lawn regularly in season
11 shoot more film
12 learn to make cupcakes with a really yummy frosting
13 be a good freelancer
14 visit my grandparents
15 learn to make crème brûleé and start using that crème brûleé set we got for Christmas 2007
16 go on a honeymoon
17 hike and ski a lot
18 spend the Easter holiday at the mountain cabin in Ausdalen
19 don’t buy clothes that I end up not using
20 send out the wedding thank you cards
21 clear out old magazines
22 call my girlfriends more often
23 hike Vidden at least once
24 sleep under the stars (in the garden)
25 treat myself to more pedicures
26 get new comfy chairs for the garden and sit there in the sun with wine
27 have fun with (Flickr) friends
28 spend a night by a campfire with friends
29 keep loving Sølve so much it hurts

Have you made a list yet?


  1. Ha, I just turned 29 and thought about making a list like this, too :)

  2. :O) This was a good list, Astrid, but I don´t get number thirteen... You ARE a GOOD freelancer! :-)

  3. it's 10 months till I turn the 3.0. i need to put a list together too i think ...

  4. Think I need to make me a list too - good motivation. But does it have to be 29 things, and to you need to be one year from 30? Hope not... :-)

  5. oh, this is such a nice list.

  6. I should check back to mine and see what I still haven't yours and how you focused on fun things...but I agree with Cathrine...or why do you think your aren't a good freelancer?

  7. i had fun reading this. sounds like great plans!

  8. What a nice list :) Enjoy doing these things!

  9. This is a great list! i'm turning 30 next May and i'm currently drafting my own list of things to do before i'm 30! thanks for the inspiration.



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