Thursday, 22 January 2009

we had an orange wall

October 2005

March 2006

November 2007

August 2008

We had an orange wall in our livingroom because I wanted it to match our big Peter Lik photograph, only just seen to the right in the top photo. We also had pillows and blankets in matching orange.

I liked how the orange color gave a lovely warmth to our livingroom. And I liked how the color changed according to light.

But then I got tired of everything matching, and one Sunday in August 2008 - while hungover - I painted the orange wall white.

September 2008

In memory of the orange wall I made a new set of photos on Flickr.

PS: I have been asked before where the lamps above the dining table are from. They are called Moser, made by Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen.


  1. i never tire of seeing your home. it's so warm and inviting... orange or white.

  2. I so loved that orange wall! I like colored walls in general :D Not that the white is bad... but maybe on the next hang-over another color? ;)

  3. Hi Astrid. I came across your blog today and instantly fell in love. So much that I nominated you for the BlogLUV award. Will be having coffee with you each morning. :-)

  4. Syns den orange veggen din var knallstilig jeg! :-). Fremhevet stuen på en helt spesiell måte....

    Ha en fin helg!

    Torunn :-)

  5. Hei guys! I loved the orange wall for a long time, and sometimes I miss it. But the livingroom feels so much brighter with the white wall. Btw, we plan to hang pictures next to the cupboards.

  6. Kjempetøft med den orange veggen, Astrid! Men dog mer åpent med hvitt :O)
    Ha en knakanes go´ helg!



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