Tuesday, 27 January 2009

test shots

I have borrowed my dad's old manual slr camera, the Minolta SRT 303 (bought in 1974). It's the first time I shot with a fully manual camera. Fun! But also so different from what I'm used to. I'm glad dad (and mum) visited this weekend so he could show me how it works. I finished my first film on our walk to the city centre, but it tore when I tried to rewind it. Bummer! Curious to see what the camera could do, I quickly finished another film and had it developed in an hour. The photos above are some of the results from my little photo walk around Torgalmenningen and the theatre. It was a grey, overcast day, so the light was - in my opinion - crappy. I also just used a very simple film, the Kodak Ultra Gold (400 iso). I'm not very impressed by these first results, but I think we'll be good friends, the Minolta and me. After all I have seen the photos dad has taken with this camera, and they are more than decent.


  1. *Sukk*

    Savner Bergen.. Nydelig by, så gøy å se at du tok bilder oppover, gikk bestandig å så opp når jeg gikk i byen. Var jo der alt det vakreste var. :)

  2. Helt enig med deg, det er veldig mye fint å se på når en løfter blikket opp. Jeg går også alltid og glaner opp ;-)

  3. Looks like you're off to a good start. I love all those different, stark tree branches in the shots!

  4. Manual is the only way to go :)
    Very nice shots.

  5. your town looks really nice. it seems so low-key and charming!

  6. Some of those pics (ex. the 1st) reminded me of the pictures my little niece (5 years old) had taken when I gave her my mini compact digital camera. Don't be offended though, it's good! That means, this new to you camera is about to fresh up your world! A friend of mine gave me a year ago a Mamiya m645J and it had the same effect to me !!!
    Enjoy =)

  7. I really like the tones in these pictures, yay for the new old cam!

    Oh, and inspired by your everyday stories and all those project 365, I've begun one for 2009 as well:

    I am so enjoying doing it, thanks for the inspiration :)



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