Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ditte & Gordon

I have briefly mentioned before how much I love Danish photographer Ditte Isager's style. Via Design*Sponge I just found out that Ditte has photographed British chef’s Gordon Ramsay's new cookbook, Cooking for Friends: Food from My Table. I must admit I'm no fan of Mr. Ramsay, only judging on his appearance on Hell's Kitchen. I just don't like people who yell. But the concept of his new book seems promising.

His latest cookbook gathers together over 100 inspiring and well-constructed recipes which everyone will enjoy cooking for their friends and family, including Chorizo, broad bean and mint couscous, Scallop brochettes with coriander and chilli butter, Smoked salmon and horseradish cream tarts and Toffee and chocolate steamed pudding. The recipes embody Gordon's strongly held opinion that we should support local producers and farmers' markets, that we should cook with seasonal fresh ingredients which haven't travelled miles to reach our plates and that we should celebrate the wealth of regional dishes available to us from Cornish crab soup to Bakewell tarts.

Quote from the book description on Amazon.

I'm curious to see Gordon's recipes paired with Ditte's beautiful photographs. And I love good looking cookbooks! I might just put this book on my Christmas wish list. Do you have any good looking cookbooks on your Christmas wish list?

Talking about Christmas, are you aware it's just a little more than a month till the big holiday? I'm not at all ready for it. Really. Seeing Christmas decorations in shop windows already makes me sad.

Photos from Design*Sponge.


  1. Thank you, because of you I discovered that amazing photographer. I'll add some of his pictures on my blog (in french).
    -- i really like your blog...

  2. The photography is absolutely wonderful. I love the texture and dimension of it.



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