Tuesday, 21 October 2008

a small Bergen guide

A few days ago I got an e-mail from a girl living close to Amsterdam. She's going to Bergen with her boyfriend for a long weekend, and she wonders what my recommendations are.

I've lived in Bergen for 9 years, and despite the very wet weather, I love it here! Here are my recommendations:

1) Bring raingear or at least an umbrella. Even in summer, but especially now in autumn. And remember sensible shoes. Bergen is a nice city to explore by foot.

2) Have breakfast or lunch at Godt Brød. They serve the best ecological sandwiches in town. The brownies are yummy too. Find Godt Brød in Korskirken and Vestre Torvgate.

3) A tourist must: Bryggen. Among the souvenir shops you find Ting, a great place for good design.

4) Get a map so you can find your way around the city. The city centre is not big and it's nice to walk around and explore all the idyllic cobblestone streets and wooden houses. Take a walk from Torgallmenningen to Nordnesparken via Klosteret. Have lunch or a drink at USF.

5) Catch the funicular to mount Fløyen and get a nice view of the city. Well, depending on the weather, of course...

6) Skostredet is a very nice place for cafés and shopping. For more shopping go to Olav Kyrres gate, Christiesgate and Starvhusgaten where some of my favorites are. There are several shopping malls in the city centre: Galleriet, Xhibition, Sundt, Kløverhuset and Bergen Storsenter.

7) Altona is my favorite wine bar.

8) Bølgen & Moi is one of my favorite places for a rather reasonable priced dinner. Café Opera (Engen 18) is also nice. It's a place for students, artists and clubbers, but also for a nice meal.

9) For beer and rock visit Legal and Garage in Christiesgate 11 and 14.

10) For sleeping I think Jacobs is good if you're on a budget, Hotel Havnekontoret should be good if you want some style, and Skansen Pensjonat is nice if you want cosy charm.

Here are more of my photos from Bergen. My friend Hanne lives in Bergen too, here are her from Bergen. My friends Mathias and Jördis from Berlin visited Bergen last summer, take a look at their photos too.

Does anyone have other Bergen recommendations?

PS: All the addresses and names mentioned here can be found on Google Maps.

PS2: If you read Norwegian and are interested, I can e-mail you a Bergen guide I wrote for NO magazine a little while ago.


  1. This is a brilliant little guide, we're touring around Scandinavia next year on our honeymoon and I love finding information like this, written by people who actually live there, more interesting than guide books!

  2. Hei Astrid;)

    Bokstavelig talt.... Ja jeg må jo bare be om unnskyldning for lånt bilde uten kildehenvisning.
    Kan du hilse til venninnen din fra meg og be om tilgivelse? Jeg klarte ikke å legge igjen en hilsen på Flickr. Må innrømme at jeg låner fra Flickr innimellom. Noen ganger er jeg litt flink å linke og andre ganger ikke.
    Men iallefall:::SORRY;)

    Flott presentasjon av Bergen forøvrig. Flotte bilder og SUPRE tips.....

  3. aah, thank you for this.
    i have to admit that bergen ranks as one of my favourite cities in the world....!

  4. Ingen fare emmeline :-) Beskjeden er videreformidlet.

    Takk :-)

  5. Perhaps one of my favourite places in Bergen was Lille Kaffekompaniet, well, I can't remember the street, but it was close to Floyen Funicular.
    That's how I feel about it:

  6. Yes, Lille Kaffekompaniet is really nice. Find them here.



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