Friday, 24 October 2008

a short walk

Good morning! It's 9:40 am in Bergen, I'm at the office having a nice cup of coffee. Like this post the other day, I want to show you a few photos from a little walk, introducing you to new parts of Bergen - again inspired by Smosch. These photos are from the short walk between Sølve's office and my office. Click on the photos to see them a little bigger.

Sølve's office is close to the theatre, Den Nasjonale Scene. There's a nice little park there, and the big trees are always full of singing birds.

Les Misérables plays until the end of December. My friend Eva made the poster.

The view from the theatre; mount Ulriken and Den blå steinen (the blue rock).

Looking down on the buildings in "my" street. Almost there!

My street.

My door. Next to the arts and crafts supply shop.


  1. i love seeing these views from your everday life astrid

  2. so fun to see! i have to come to bergen in the future, it looks so beautiful. love the street in the last picture, it's like a quilt.

  3. this is sooooo good ! I love to look this streets.

  4. thanks for letting me live vicariously!

  5. Paris, so lovley!!

  6. omami - this is bergen, norway - not paris

  7. I went to Bergen 4 years ago. It was so nice. Almost all the time raining... Like it very much ¡



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