Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rome, and a few other things

I'm working on an article about Rome, in connection to my recent business trip there (there's still more photos to come). In my Rome city guide from Wallpaper/Phaidon, in the chapter "24 hours, see the best of the city in just one day", I read:

Pacing yourself in Rome is paramount, as cultural overload can bring on a recognised medical condition known as Stendhal syndrome, which causes fainting and hallucinations - even devout atheists will be dazzled by the paintings and sculptures housed in the city's ecclesiastical gems.

It's just how I felt; it was all too much and yet I want more.

It's my birthday today (hurra!), so I better snap out of my bella Roma daydreams and finish that article in time for our dinner reservation at Krystall.

A few more things before I continue writing the article.

Have you seen? My friend Mathias has started a new blog - Adventures in Medium Format. He already writes a rather nerdy blog called Paperplanes, and I'm sure most of you already know his ever inspiring Flickr photostream. Here is a nice little interview with the eager polaroid shooting Mathias.

I recently discovered the light archive which I have fallen in love with. The same goes for {this is glamorous}. I'm happy to follow mav and Stephanie's journal and Studio Violet is so inspiring. Beautiful polaroid prints by Maditi and beautiful photography by rebeccamissing.



  1. what a great quote about rome. i just remember constantly thinking how intimidating this city was and can be. i haven't been to greece, or any ancient cities in the middle east, but i have been to other cities and nothing quite compares. even tiananmen square in china.

  2. Happy birthday! and thanks for the great links...



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