Friday, 31 October 2008

pure norwegian

The Norwegian design shop Pur Norsk (meaning pure Norwegian) has been named one of the five best interior design shops in the world by Monocle. Congratulations! Read the article in Norwegian here. At the bottom of the page you can download the article from Monocle. It says "Les hele artikkelen fra Monocle her..." If I lived in Oslo, I'm sure it would be one of my favorites too. But I'm glad they have a webshop - even an international webshop. Go shop till you drop! Btw, I have mentioned Pur Norsk once before.

In other news: I made a very nice new acquaintance today, the Norwegian blog fryd + design. I found it via the lovely Marion Hearts, who just redesigned the layout of her blog. Looking good! Also, I'm really hooked on Design For Mankind.

It's Friday afternoon in Bergen and the weekend starts any minute. After a lot of celebration last weekend, I think we'll just stay cool and relax this weekend. It's been a long week with endless work days, especially for Sølve. Maybe it's time to watch Sex and the City again? You have seen it already, right?

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  1. Hei Astrid

    Tusen takk for besøket, hyggelig kommentar og for å nevne meg på siden din.

    * Jeanette * Ü



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