Thursday, 30 October 2008


One of my very favorite magazines is published every Friday together with Dagens Næringsliv, one of the two financial newspaper's in Norway. D2 is beautiful to look at and a joy to read - it's really a pity that so many of you who stop by hei Astrid don't read Norwegian. Luckily you all "read" images, and here you can see all the 51 frontpages from D2's first year. The slightly glossy surface of the real life paper version of the magazine do the photos much more justice than the computer screen. Hope you enjoy anyway.

I have mentioned D2 once before, here.


  1. this looks great astrid! the covers are amazing! so sad we can't get many skandinavian mags here, although there are so many good ones! i love the layouts of the covers very much, too! thanks for posting!



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