Thursday, 16 October 2008

my Gant story

Have you seen this? Ten New Yorkers through the lens of the Sartorialist - the Sartorialist (who we all love!) was appointed by GANT to document how ten different New Yorkers would combine items from Gant with their own wardrobe.

Cynthia said something that made me smile:
Do you have a fashion or style icon?
My style icon is the teenaged girl who gets made fun of for wearing a silly hat.

In so many of the fashion magazines I read girls answer "Kate Moss and Sienna Miller" to this question. It's so good to hear something else.

Speaking of Gant, when I was younger (15 maybe) I loved Gant. It was before they had launched the women's clothing line, but I didn't mind wearing men's clothes. They suited me well because I'm tall, and at that time I wasn't very girly. I was the sporty hiking girl who biked over 10 km to school every day. I always got a copy of the Gant catalogue and I always joined the competition announced inside it. One day I won. It was a gift certificate of 1500 kr (ca €170/$227) to be used for Gant clothes. I was sooo happy! Back then Gant was way to expensive for me and 1500 kr was a lot of money. I remember two of the things I got - a navy blue rugby sweater (which still is quite big) and a red woollen cap. With the cap I passed the 1500 kr limit, but the man in the store where I got the clothes said "if Gant can be so kind, we can also be kind".

Still this is the biggest prize I have won. How about you? Have you ever won anything?

PS: I still fond of the classic Gant style, but I haven't bought anything Gant since I won that prize.


  1. i love that you won the contest astrid! and i love that you can and do wear mens clothing. so fantastic.

  2. i love that story :^)

    i once won an espresso machine. but i don't drink coffee. so i would rather have had a red woolen cap!

  3. concert tickets... i used to win a lot.

  4. hi, you. i'm so behind on my blog reading, but I think your newest header is so beautiful. hope you're well, friend, and that marriage is treating you well. xo



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