Wednesday, 22 October 2008

my daily office walk

Inspired by the lovely Sandra of Smosch and her photos from her walks around Gothenburg, I want to show you some photos from my daily walk to my office. It's a 40 minutes (30 if I'm in a hurry) walk and it's the best way to start/end the work day. I love living so close to the city centre that I can walk. Btw, these photos were taken on different days. Click on the photo to see them larger.

This building is a school close to my home. In front is a kindergarten's playground.

Downhill. It's funny how the car matches the color of the house.

More downhill, now through a church yard. I love seeing the big trees here change during the seasons.

Two more buildings that I pass every day. The pink one is really interesting. An old factory, I think. I should take more photos of it one day.

During winter most of my morning walk is dark, but it makes the lake - Store Lungegårdsvann - look quite pretty.

Most of the walk is along Store Lungegårdsvann. I love this piece of nature in the city. Here are more photos taken along the lake.

When I walk home from the office, this is the view along the lake - mount Ulriken. Here are more shots of Ulriken.

After I've passed Store Lungegårdsvann I walk trough the shopping mall Bergen Storsenter and I get to another smaller lake; Lille Lungegårdsvann. "Store" means big, and "lille" means small ;-) The wooden thing is an installation that was put up because Bergen Arkitektforening (the architchture association) is 100 years this year. The big grey building is the local council.

In May the trees along Lille Lungegårdsvann bloom. So pretty!

Den blå steinen - the blue rock - is a very common meet up place in the city centre. The building in the centre is the theatre.

Torgallmenningen - nicknamed the city's parlour - the heart of the city centre. On sunny days this place is crowded. When you walk further down here you get to the fishmarket and Bryggen. My office is a few meters to the left of the pink building.

If I turn around this is how Torgallmenningen looks then. The blue rock is at the far end of Torgallmenningen, by the tree seen in the middle of the photo.

I hope you enjoyed the walk. I'll show you more of Bergen later.


  1. I definitely enjoyed the walk :) It's so interesting to see where people live and spend their "normal" every day routines.

    Beautiful city and the lake. I have never been in Norway but would like to visit some day...

  2. I enjoy this walk too!! How nice to see a totally different view from my daily office walk.

    Every day, I ride motorbike to work and it's rush... I know I should leave home early but I can't. As we dont have the nice view likes yours. ;(

    Maybe, I should try to get a saturday and take some photos for my daily office walk if you are interested. XP

    Anyway, many thanks for your sharing!! I do love your photos.

  3. Thanks for sharing the walk! I wish I lived someplace where I could walk to work. Even when I lived close to my job, Florida was way to hot and thunderstorm-y to walk to work. But, this is a beautiful way to start the day and end the work day.

  4. Your walk was so wonderful.
    I'd love to visit Bergen someday, and I feel like I just got a sneak preview! Thank you! :)

  5. Hi, I like your blog a lot. I've also lived in Bergen once, as a student, in Minde/Wergelandsåsen among other places. It was so sweet to see your photos from your daily walks, they reminded me of good old days.

  6. It looks like a beautiful city ! I've always wanted to go to Norway. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us ! That was a great idea !

  7. This is beautiful! I have walked home from work before on nice summer days, but it takes 1.5 hours, so I have to have a lot of time and good shoes. :) It takes 30-45 min. on the train.

  8. Astrid, these photos are gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting this. It's nice to get this kind of peek into your world.

  9. thank you for taking us all along on your daily walk. Such a good idea. I too wish I could walk to work, but unfortunately it's a 10 min drive on the highway just to get to town.

  10. I love it that you love where you live so much.



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