Wednesday, 15 October 2008

more bags

I'm not all done with bags yet. The photos above are from the winter 08 collection of the Norwegian brand Vips.

Here's the story behind Vips (copied from the website):

It all started one warm autumn evening as we were sitting in a park at Grünerløkka in Oslo.

It was one of those fine evenings, we were drinking wine and chatting. Then a phone rang. Hands fumbled around in a handbag and then, just as Marie Helene got hold of it, the phone stopped ringing. As so many times before… Marie Helene bursted out: “Why don’t anyone make a practical handbag?”.

A couple of glasses of wine later, we decided we’d just as well do it ourselves. We went to India. We worked our asses off to finish the samples before we had to return home. But to no avail. Months later, we got something that was supposed to be samples. They had fallen apart on the way. Meanwhile, we had fallen in love with the little village in Bihar. It was tough to leave India. But we realized, that as long as we are small, we have to make things easy. That is the only way. So we ended up in Turkey where we found a brilliant manufacturer.

And here's some more information:

We at VIPS want all our workers to have good working conditions and be fairly paid. It sounds easy, but as long as consumers shop by price, it isn’t so. It’s a big and complicated but interesting challenge trying to achieve this and we still haven’t got as far as we want. In the future, VIPS would like to work solely with producers and suppliers who have a decent standard. We feel we are moving in the right direction.

VIPS is a member of the Norwegian Intitive for Ethical Trade. They are helping us with ethical guidelines, which we are striving to follow with our suppliers. Our guidelines deal with working relations, social relations and child labour.

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