Wednesday, 29 October 2008

a Dromedar walk

Here are a few shots from my little walk from my office to Dromedar to meet my friend M.

Gågaten is a nice little pedestrian street. "Gå" means walk, and "gaten" means the street.

Two of my favorite shops: LOT 333 and Nova. LOT 333 has brands like Sixpack France, Rockers NYC, Wemoto, Edwin Jeans, Surface 2 Air, Won Hundred, Munderingskompagniet, Nike Tech Pack, Best Behavior and Thelin. Nova has Scandinavian brands like Whyred, Acne, Fift Avenue Shoe Repair and Baum und Pferdgarden.

At Dromedar I had a salad with serrano ham, mango and feta + two slices of lukewarm whole grain bread with pesto. Yum! M had hot chocolate - because it's sooo cold out today! But at least it's sunny and blue skies.

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