Tuesday, 9 September 2008

weekend plans

This upcoming weekend my friends and I are going to an island a little north of Stavanger. My friend Jakob's family has a cabin there, and it's the most idyllic place! It's the perfect place to go fishing, catch crabs, do all kinds of sea sports, pick blackberries, or just hang out under the big oak in the garden. The weather forecast for the weekend is all sunny. Yay! It's a tradition for us to go there in August/September each year. Here are some photos from our first visit, and here are some photos from last year. The photos above are from this island called Fogn. As a bonus this year, we are celebrating Erik's 30th birthday. The theme for the party is hippie. Yippee!

I feel good about work this week. I'm not buried in deadlines like I've been the past month. I'm pretty much a jour and I've had a chance to look forward and plan ahead - wish feels really good, you know what I mean? I met up with a photographer today and we are eager to start working together. Mostly we'll do food related stuff, maybe even for NORD. I also did my accounts today, which I normally detest. Today it wasn't too bad.


  1. can't wait to see your first piece for NORD. you can do it!!! :) xx

  2. oh, I love these pictures, but the bottom silhouette is my favourite.

  3. ah, the top pic reminds me of the tapestries my grandmother did - so gorgeous....

  4. have FUN! looking forward to see photos :)

  5. These photographs are so beautiful! The bottom is my utter favorite, and makes me wish so badly that I lived in the country and could do things like berry-picking! Hope you had fun :)



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