Friday, 19 September 2008

we were in Paradise

Fogn. To me this is the name of Paradise, with a capital P. Like I mentioned last week, Fogn is where we spent last weekend. It was everything you want a perfect weekend to be; filled with the bestest friends and their kids, sun and a lovely feeling of summer in autumn (including a couple of baths in the ocean!), a dreamy beautiful location (a small red cabin in a big garden overlooking the sea on a small island which has one narrow road in between the farms and fields), hanging out in the grass under the huge oak having great food and drinks, and an unforgettable hippie themed 30th birthday party.

FYI: I shot these photos with my analogue Canon EOS 500N using a 50 mm lens and Kodak Portra 160VC film. I've never used this film before, and I must say it's truly amazing! Click on the photos to see them larger. See the rest of the photos in this set.

PS: We have no plans for this weekend but relax. Ever since the wedding all weekends have been filled with birthday parties and a wedding. All this celebration makes me exhausted! But also so very happy. How about you, do you have any fun or relaxing plans for the weekend?


  1. that truly looks like a paradise to me! and yes: that film is amazing! have you tried the nc yet?

    we suffer from celebration exhaustion, too and will try a quiet weekend :)

    happy relaxing!

  2. Love that area! And those shots are amazing... makes me want to buy some film again!

  3. oh gosh astrid! that party looks amazing. like it belongs in a catalog.

    we actually do have a wedding this weekend, but are also looking forward to catching up with some old friends in town from brazil. and a little crafting as well. hope yours is relaxing!

  4. a tweet just posted,

    today: gallery show, photography talk, people, walk, ramadhan bazaar, food, more people, light painting, a little bit more food & what else?

    tomorrow: quiet day for sure.

    have a beautiful relaxing weekend! :)



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