Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I have mentioned Sweet Paul before, and now it's time to say his name again because he's really worth it ;-) While browsing through Paul's blog today, I found this tailgating story with the loveliest photos. I still remember the story from the magazine where it was published. It makes me wish it was still summer... But who says you can't go tailgating in autumn and winter?!

Via e-mail Paul tells us about his relation to tailgating:
- I remember Jim Hensley (one of the photographers) told me about tailgating. I had no clue what it was until I moved to the USA. Tailgating is first and foremost a sports phenomenon. People sit outside the stadiums with their BBQs and beers. It’s a really fun kind of happening. In the story I did with Studio Dreyer Hensley, I tried to make a more stylish version of tailgating.

As I'm sure I've mentioned earlier, the photographers Dreyer Hensley (unfortunately they don't have a website) and stylist Paul Lowe really make an excellent team.

Btw, I had never heard of tailgating until I saw this story. How about you, what is your relation to tailgating?

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  1. love these images :^)

    of course, they're unlike the typical american tailgating experience - with big-bellied guys in football jerseys and brats, big orange coolers, etc.:





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