Monday, 22 September 2008

relax, look back

My weekend was just as relaxing as I needed it to be. I left the office early on Friday because I didn't feel so well. I planted myself in the sofa, deep down in an ocean of pillows, Ludde and a blanket. I lay there, oh so quiet, watching season two of Desperate Housewives until my husband picked me up some time in the evening when he came home from (another long day at) work. After a quick visit to the grocery store to get supplies, we both got really comfy on the sofa, watching several episodes of Weeds, season two. Saturday and Sunday were spent organizing cupboards, doing laundry and tidying up the apartment in general. It's weird how the apartment gets so messy even though we've hardly been home lately. You know what I mean? I also got time to read magazines, make lasagne, and watch Eastern Promise, Annie Hall and Eddie Murphy Raw.

After a relaxing weekend my work week has a slow start. This Monday is a day of planning and getting into the right work mode. It's also time to look back on things I've already done - like the photos above show. Coop Medlem is a free magazine that you can pick up in the Coop retail stores all over the country (Norway that is). I've written about interior design, DIY, gardening and travel stories for Coop Medlem since 2004. In the latest issue you can read my story and see my photos from Greece and you can see my photos from one of the Hurtigruten trips, specifically the king crab experience. Sometimes I find looking back inspiring and motivating.

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