Tuesday, 2 September 2008

pretty yellows

On my mind today; shoes. Pretty shoes that don't fit.

I have gigantic blisters on both heels after my silly new shoes walk yesterday. So today I'm wearing lots of band aids and comfy Birkenstock slippers that are open on the heel. Not very practical in the rain, but we drove to the office this morning, so it's nothing to worry about.

Last week was a busy, busy with work. I think this week will be a little slower. Yesterday started off with a phone interview with a leader in a power company, I wrote the article that I did the interview for, and I finished the article about autumn coziness that I mentioned last week. Today I've worked on an autumn campaign for a local bakery with some guys in the advertising firm that I share my office with + I'm continuing the work with my articles for no.

Flickr favorites photo links (including one of my own photos that is not really a favorite, but it fits the theme, right?):
1. mistress of procrastination, 2. Bananza, 3. {yellow}, 4. Untitled


  1. yellow shoes are always a smart choice! :) i hope your feet feel better soon!!

  2. i found these great shoes - by A.P.C. They are so comfortable. I am ditching campers forever!

  3. Ohhhh!! I just love these -- can never beat yellow shoes.



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