Friday, 5 September 2008

farm life

Last Saturday we flew from Bergen to Rygge to celebrate our friend Eileen's 30th birthday. You might already have seen the photos in my Flickr stream, but I want to highlight a few of them here. Eileen comes from a rather big farm in the eastern part of Norway. Her birthday party was held here, and it was such a wonderful setting for a party. I didn't know how much of a city girl I am until I got there. The only pet I have ever had was a goldfish and my stuffed animals, and I'm not the typical animal lover. I'm even a little scared of cats... It felt so good being there with the kittens (I held them!), Chili the dog, the rabbit, the horses, the fields, flowers and barn. Too bad I was too tired (...) to go horseback riding on Sunday...


  1. That place looks so wholesome :) The colors are incredibly vibrant.

  2. He, he :-) Jeg måtte trekke på smilebåndet nå. Såg veldig koselig ut! Hvor var det???

    God uke til deg :-)

  3. Gården ligger nær Moss i Østfold.

    God uke til deg og :-)



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