Monday, 29 September 2008

basecamp Åsly

This past weekend was booked for hiking a long time ago. I love hiking, but for some unknown reason I do it too rarely. We planned to take the train from Bergen to Finse on Friday, and hike from Finse to Krækkja to Haugastøl, where we'd take the train home to Bergen on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather forecast was too bad; heavy rain and wind, and maybe snow. It's no fun hiking in high mountains in conditions like this. That's why we set basecamp at Åsly. We hiked in rain, wind and autumn colors on Saturday, and on Sunday we canoed. It was perfect. My hiking abstinence is satisfied for a little while. The photos are here.

Note to self: Remember how much you love hiking and do it more often.

How was your weekend?

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