Thursday, 28 August 2008

water words

When I had breakfast at about 7:45 am this morning, it really poured down outside. I said to Sølve, sitting in the green chair beside me with his head behind today's finansial newspaper, "today we need full rain gear and boots", and so we dressed. When we walked to the office the rain had stopped.

Talking about the wet element; one thing I regret about this summer is that I didn't go swimming in the ocean; I only did it in Greece in May. I had a few dips in lakes though. But it's not too late to go swimming, is it?

Today I'm writing the article about Stavanger that my sister and I worked on in July. Stavanger is situated on the southwest coast of Norway, it there are excellent beaches nearby.

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  1. It's never too late to go swimming :)

  2. it's not to late (for me septembre is the best month for swimming in the sea :)
    (love the flickr picture with the green chair)

  3. flotte bilder, minner meg om stranden min i Nordnorge :)



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