Thursday, 21 August 2008

magazines and other news

I sure like to read magazines. Not so surprising maybe, as it is also my job - I'm a journalist writing for various lifestyle magazines. I read magazines both for pleasure and business. They are my one of my biggest sources of inspiration and they keep me updated in the fields that I work in - design, art, gardening and food.

As of today I subscribe to 13 magazines: Wallpaper - Vogue (US edition) - Vanity Fair - Nord - Livingetc - Elle (Norwegian edition) - Elle Interiør - Dwell - Costume - Rom123 - Gourmet - Bon Appetit - Norsk Hagetidend

There's also a few I buy on a regular basis: Boligmagasinet - Eurowoman - Insideout - Nytt Rom - Elle Interiör - Elle Decor

Puh! Did I forget any? I bet I did.

Well, you other magazines addicts out there, have you seen this? It's a website where you can flip through several magazines for free. The site is of course a bit controversial. I wouldn't want to see real paper magazines go out of business because of this, but I will enjoy this site - as long as it lasts...

Besides loving magazines, I also love watching movies, and so does Sølve. Consequently we watch a lot of movies on our home cinema system. I don't know if you have noticed, but on the right side of this blog I continuously list films that I like and dislike. The last film I saw was The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. You should see it too. Btw, there are heaps and heaps of other films that should be on the two lists, but it's not so long ago I started the lists and I'm not going to try to remember everything I have seen before to complete the lists.

In other news, there's an interview with my over at Cathrine's Frilansjournalisten blog today. If you read Norwegian, you can read it here. In short I'm telling about my work as a freelance journalist and copywriter. Cathrine is a freelance journalist too and that's what her blog is about. I enjoy reading how she combines the freelance role with being a mum. You might remember that I mentioned her blog earlier this summer.


  1. happy you're back
    i see in the movie column that you've seen "Csablanca". i love this movie (humphrey bogart is great).
    Have you liked it?

  2. I've seen it several times and I love it. Such a classical movie. And Mr Bogart is excellent, of course!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the online magazines, wow! I still love the paper copies though, there's something great about relaxing with a mag in hand :)

  4. Thank you for subscribing to us :)

  5. you should try some Dutch mag's , some of them are great, guess I'm like you a magazine



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