Monday, 25 August 2008

autumn coziness

I love how varied my job is. Today I wrote an article about a girl who is trainee in the Norwegian telecom company Telenor, I did a few changes in the article I wrote last week about the guy who wrote his landscape architecture master thesis in South Africa, and now I'm doing research for an interior design article about autumn coziness - hence the lovely autumn inspired photos above (found here). I already said it last week; autumn, I'm ready for you!

I hope your Monday is treating you well.


  1. oh me too.
    most days have a little bit of autumn in them at the moment in london - long may it continue!

  2. Oh, I could live in that first photo. Such a perfect place to spend an autumn afternoon.

    It rained all night here in Portland, OR, USA--and it was so perfect and fallish. I'm with you Astrid, I'm ready for fall!

  3. oh, yes to autumn too.
    i love hearing about your work and find it so inspirational. these next few months i'm taking baby steps for a "career" change so to speak, and love hearing about how everyone else lives out their day. thanks astrid!

  4. im commenting on your list of tv series on the sidebar, my s and i have been watching buffy on dvd and i highly recommend, also friday night lights is a good show too..

  5. Høsten er ei fin tid (selv om den godt kan drøye et par uker ennå). Og jeg blir rimelig misunnelig på den kassa med esker og skåla med blåbær. Jeg dro på blåbærtur i juli, og det var knapt ei bær igjen etter at andre hadde vært før meg. Og eplene i hagen råtner på treet lenge før de modner. *sukk* Konklusjonen min er at den virkelige høsten aldri blir heeelt som på bilder. Men det hindrer meg ikke i å romantisere den likevel. :)

  6. autumn! yes!
    there's a little nip in the air here.

    although I kinda fancy spring. didn't have spring this year.



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