Friday, 25 July 2008

pretty pictures

These two ads are beautiful.


  1. are you doing your hair like that for your wedding? beautiful- the bottom one is great.

  2. The second one is reaaallly nice…!

  3. I had ripped out that second picture from a magazine almost ten years ago. Is that a recent magazine? I was just thinking of that photo yesterday while doing hair for a photo shoot. Can you please let me know what magazine you found that in?
    thank you~anisa

  4. Hei Astrid:-)

    You have a very very very nice blogg. I also love design...and i love Norway (but have never been:-(..and today I bought The Sensual Home book in Ikea - uipiiii!!!!!!!:-)) - that' s why I found your blogg (put The sensual home in google - and showed your blogg:-)...Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy the beautiful things in life:-) Kisses from Kris from Portugal
    PS. I love the name Astrid...(for my favorite writer Astrid Lindgren:-))..Astrid and Ingrid - two beautiful Scandinavian names:-)...Can you tell me what your name means - if it does mean anything? Ciao, Kris

  5. I love that picture of Carmen Kass for the Narcisco perfume. Just like Makool I cut it out years ago and put it on my dorm room wall.

  6. The braids wrapped around the head look is so pretty. Maybe with a couple of flowers artfully tucked in?

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. When is the big day?

  7. just stepped over your blog searching some details about I'm Boo...
    congratulation - your blog is wonderful!



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