Friday, 11 July 2008

freelance life

I really enjoy being a freelancer. As long as I don't have any appointments, I can do what ever I want. Sleep in, read magazines all day and call it "research", go thrift store shopping with my friend M, bake cakes and eat them too - also "research". It's summer and I don't have a lot of deadlines at the moment. In fact, this whole week I have done a lot of "research" (= I didn't plan to take the day off, it just happened). Also, I can take the day off (on purpose) and drive home to my parents one day before planned to have dinner and talk about our wedding. That's what I did yesterday.

Today I'm home alone in my childhood home while my parents are at work. I should work too. Although I don't have a lot of deadlines these days, I have one on Monday. Time to write the article about the local artist I interviewed a little while ago. I have had the whole week to write this article, but the big procrastination bug bite me... So, today I slept in, had breakfast while Flickring, photographed around the house, talked to my maid of honour for about an hour on the phone, and read blogs.

The blog reading is the reason I wanted to write this in the first place. I have come across a couple of Norwegian blogs about freelancing. I know of a few similar English blogs, but the Norwegian blogs are just so much more familiar to my work situation. When I started freelancing in 2003 (oh! it's already been almost five years!) I had NO idea what I was doing. I wish these freelance blogs existed back then. Even now, with a few years of freelance experience, these blogs are really inspiring reads.

Frilansliv - Frilansjournalisten - Frilansinfo


  1. Your situation sounds amazing - how did you do it?! You are truly lucky to have such flexibility.

  2. so true, i was clueless too and weirdly have also found some uk online resources this week that have helped me enormously. your day sounds lovely.

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  4. oh, i wish these blogs were in german or english...

  5. Hei Astrid, og takk for lenke og plugging av bloggen min - og hyggelige kommentarer på bloggen. :)

    (Kanskje greit aa bruke riktig blogg-ID naar jeg legger igjen enn saann beskjed, hehe)

  6. Astrid, your day sounds lovely and your approach to tasks and deadlines seems very similar to mine. Flexibility and ideas go hand in hand.

  7. Oh that sounds so nice, I wish I could have that freedom!
    This is such a lovely blog I have stumbled upon and surely will return! ps. i like your house!

  8. It make me so happy to read this - I sometimes feel guilty about all my "research" I think because no one else around me is freelance and my life is so unstructured (which I love)...this post helped me feel better today! Lottie I would love to know the resources you found in English...



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