Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Bookshelves filled with books, magazines and other inspiring things are great furniture. They add so much personality to a room. I must admit I always seek a peak in people's bookshelves when I'm visiting. Do you?

I prefer simple (white) bookshelves. If I were to change our white IKEA Billy shelves for something else, String would be a very good option. A Swedish design classic.

PS: I love the wishbone chair to the right in this photo. But I already told you that.


  1. I love the String shelves too. They're so simple and stylish. I've been looking for some on ebay for a while as our bookshelves are overflowing but there don't seem to be many around in the UK.

  2. they're wonderful. I love how open they are. xo

  3. I agree! These are absolutely stunning!

  4. I just wanted to say hey and that you seem to have pretty good taste from the little I've flipped thru your blog! ; )

  5. I love these shelves too. What a joy it would be to arrange ones books and objects on these.



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