Wednesday, 14 May 2008

dinner time

I've been away from this space for too long. Time to do something about it.

I'm cooking dinner and waiting for Sølve to come home from work. I'm making the same thing we had yesterday, which turned out to be super yummy. This is it:

- green asparagus
- snow peas
- fresh fillets of salmon with salt, pepper and olive oil
- spring onion
- little gem lettuce
- lemon juice
- feta cheese

The ingredients are listed in the same order as I put them in the frying pan. The asparagus needs more time to cook than the little gem lettuce. Keep the temperature on medium, and make sure you don't over cook the vegetables. I prefer vegetables to be "al dente". The heat will make the feta melt a little, and with the lemon juice (from half a lemon) it makes a nice kind of sauce. Quick and healthy dinner - which is now served!


  1. mmmm, yum, my mouth's watering... I will try it next week when hubby is back. I love simple fish recipes. Actually most fish recipes are really simple aren't they?

  2. yum, this sounds so good astrid. i love the simplicity of the ingredients and how it becomes a little more complex with lemon.

  3. I'm glad you're back Astrid and that with such a yummy recipe - smaklig spis!



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