Tuesday, 15 April 2008

old becomes new

Fretex is the Salvation Army's secondhand outlet in Norway. Fretex has now made petty little dresses in a cute, nostalgic 40s style out of old curtains and table cloths. The dresses are sold in a few chosen shops in Oslo, and I nearly bought one when I was there this weekend. They are really pretty. What put me back was the price - 1400 kr, which is about €177/£142/$280. I love the concept though.

Read the article (in Norwegian) here. The photos above are from this article.

Also, take a look at this (make sure you have the sound on). "Se din kjole" means "look at your dress" and it refers to a children's song called "Se min kjole" meaning "look at my dress". The song is about all the colors of my dress.

The model in Se din kjole is Hege Golf. Read more about her here.

In other news, I bought the shoes for my wedding dress when I was in Oslo this weekend. They are flat silver sandals, and they were much cheaper than the ones I found at NET-A-PORTER. I'm happy! Also I decided to continue using my IKEA dinner plates. Thanks for the great argument, Emma!

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  1. These dresses look so pretty! I, too, would have been tempted to buy one but wow... that price is steep! Love the concept though.

    Beautiful blog you have here! :)



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