Wednesday, 9 April 2008

new dinner plates?

I think I want new dinner plates. I'm not sure. The ones we have now are from IKEA. I wonder if I want something more fancy (and more expensive?), yet I like dinnerware to be simple. White. Preferably round. That's it. The food plays the main role, not the plates. Oh, and I want it to be Norwegian design. Here are a few pieces I like from Porsgrund.

The top photo are designs by the very talented guys in Norway Says, mentioned here. The bottom photo are products designed by Tias Eckhoff, which I have also mentioned before, here. Click on the images to view them bigger.

The photos are from Porsgrund catalogues, that can be downloaded from the website.


  1. I have the same plates from Ikea, and I love them! They are simple and stylish, and I think it's great that they are so cheap. That way I don't have to worry that they'll break. I am so uncomfortable around expensive stuff, always worrying that I am going to ruin it...

  2. That's exactly what I think too. Simple, stylish and cheap. No worries when you break one. But I wish they were round. I just had a look on the website, and I see they have round ones too. I guess I made my choise. No new expensive plates, just new cheap round ones from IKEA. Thanks Emma :-)

  3. I just wanted to tell you about my choice of plates. Ikea plates are nice and they look good. The problem however is that they get a lot of scratches as time goes by, and food gets eaten.
    I got married last summer and spend a lot of (!) time looking for good plates. My choice fell on pillivuyt, an old french brand with white classic plates, and more modern ones as well.
    These will look lovely also when aged (I found some old bowls in this brand in Paris and they looked just really "carismatic"). The adwantage is that the are ovenproof and as well they can take the freezer. A very good choice if you love to cook or just want solid and beautiful plates. Well, that was my contribution:)I wish you all the best with your wedding preparations. It's hard work, but also a lot of fun!



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