Wednesday, 23 April 2008

everyday stories

I had a photoblog called stories, which for a while I found hard to define. What kind of photos will I have here? I already show my photos on Flickr. I started a few projects, which are now (some of favorite) sets on my Flickr - traveling and lights. lamps. But I wasn't really happy with it.

Then 2008 came, and I found out that I wanted to do a "a photo a day" project. The stories blog became the place where I shared my daily photos - the ones that I didn't upload to Flickr. My rule was, and is still, that I have to take and post a photo each day. Even if it's a crappy photo.

But then I needed change again. So I decided to delete the stories blog and start a new Flickr account instead, called everyday stories. This is my new place where I share my daily diptychs. One of the photos is uploaded to my Astrid. photostream, and can be found here, the other one is new. Please visit if you are interested. By the way, the photos can be viewed bigger if you click “all sizes” above the photo.

Everyday stories is inspired by a few lovely ladies, which you might know: 3191 and mebetweenyou. It is also inspired by my own fondness of everyday life – the group that I started some time back in 2005. I also wrote a little about everyday life photography here.

I must say, I really like this kind of photo journaling. How about you?


  1. Your photos are great, I think it's a good way to journey, like picking the best bits of everyday...

  2. Hello and greetings from Finland!

    I found your blog and your lovely photos a while ago, and I'm often visiting now. Your pictures are very inspiring and beautiful.

  3. Yes! I have been doing a little of it here:

  4. I especially love your travelling and light.lamp sets on Flickr.

  5. Fine bilder, hverdagshistorier, liker ideen...

  6. I love the everyday life group. And i've been doing something similar too at every morn and eve .

  7. i have really enjoyed your 'everyday stories' astrid. much love!



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