Tuesday, 11 March 2008


This post by mav today made me order three magazine subscriptions; Bon Appétit (I too want to read more of Molly's great work), Gourmet (as a foodie and food writer how can I not want a regular portion of this mag?) and finally Vogue (I need a regular dose of great fashion too). Happy days for the magazine addict. Good thing that the dollar exchange rate is really good now compared to Norwegian kroner. Thanks for the inspiration mav, and also congrats on your new blog.

My recent travels to the north have been very inspiring, and I have a lot of photos that I will share with you in my Flickr photostream. The photo above is from my second day at Svalbard. We had just started the day's snowmobile trip, and took a break just to see the sun rising over the mountain. Our guide told us because of the polar night it was the second time he saw the sun for the last four months.


  1. great new subscriptions. I'm going to canada next week and am hoping to pick up bon appetit and gourmet whilst I'm there. and your svalbard photos are amazing me. what a place.

  2. yay for new magazine subscibtions! funny i just ordered a gourmet subscibtion some two weeks ago - the price was the same as ordering a magazine from here because of the dollar :) i couldn't resist ;)

  3. what a great photograph! and thanks for the mention. i am quite a magazine addict myself. i got World of Interiors the other day and it was quite interesting. xx mav



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