Friday, 8 February 2008

my Moscow experience

Remember I told you I was in Moscow in September? You might have seen some of my photos on Flickr. I was there for work, and now you can read my story - in English - in the new international issue of no magazine. My second article in the magazine is about visual Portugal, mentioned here. There's a sneak peek of the magazine on the website.

The first international issue of no magazine was published in June last year. I'm not sure if any of you actually found it - did you? I'm very curious to hear if you find it in your part of the world this time. Let me know, will you?

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. congratulations astrid! so nice you got published in this fancy mag! i will have a look around if i can find it here. i'll let you know.

    have a beautiful weekend.

  2. hi astrid.
    i looked for it here,
    i haven't found it yet...
    i so would like to though.
    do you know if they stock it anywhere in canada? i'll keep looking.

    oh and congratulations!
    i can't wait to go to moscow one day.

  3. Thanks Anne :-)

    Thanks maggienikole :-) It's being distributed in Canada too, but I don't know more details.



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