Tuesday, 19 February 2008

my favorite

This chair, the Egg by Danish master Arne Jacobsen, is my all time favorite chair. It was designed in 1958, so this year it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

This is what the producer Fritz Hansen writes about the chair and the anniversary:

Developed for the lobby and reception areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958.

The Egg originated in Arne Jacobsen's garage - cast in plaster. Today the synthetic shell is padded with cold foam and covered with fabric or different types of leather resting on a star-shaped aluminium base.

As a special anniversary model, we are introducing a beautiful and unique Egg. This Egg will only be available in a limited number of 999 Eggs. Each Egg will be numbered, a brief text about the Egg is printed on the back of the cushion and for those who buy the Egg we offer a book about the Egg and Arne Jacobsen. 999 books, i.e. one book for each Egg will be sent from Fritz Hansen.

Visit a Fritz Hansen dealer to see the unique Egg upholstered in a smooth chocolate brown Wild Elegance leather on the front and soft suede on the back. The base is hand-polished browned bronze.

The top photo is the leather model, which is my favorite, and the bottom photo is the anniversary model.

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  1. that is a fantastic chair! wonder how comfy it is to sit in though? Would look great in my home.... :)



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