Sunday, 24 February 2008

everyday life published

I have always been an eager photographer, and I have lots of albums filled with snapshots and great memories of things I have done in life. Digital photography and Flickr have made me see things in a diffenert way. Before I got my first digital (slr) camera in June 2004, I would for example never photograph a plate of grapes, the evening sun light or magazines like this. I guess I saved the film for capturing my family and friends having fun, and not just for remembering ordinary things. As time went by I started noticing these mundane things and moments in life, and I started photographing them. I also created a group on Flickr called my everyday life. It's a place to collect these mundande things and moments in life, almost like a photo diary.

As of today the group has 865 more or less active members. So it seems, I'm not the only one fascinated by everyday life. Karen is one of those people. She is not a member of my Flickr group, but she publishes a magazine - Karen magazine - made out of the ordinary. I don't remember when and where I came across Karen's magazine, but I was happy to find a personal note from Karen when I recieved the magazine by mail (you can see it in the photo above). See more photos from the magazine here.

Karen magazine has been mentioned in several publications, and it has been nominated Britain's best kept art secret by a journalist in the Observer. (I know several photographers on Flickr that see everyday life as art, here is one example.) Recently D2, the weekly glossy magazine published by one of Norway's financial newspapers, Dagens Næringsliv, published an article about Karen and her magazine (in Norwegian).

Read more about Karen magazine here, that's also where you can buy it.


  1. Oh Astrid!
    I couldn't agree with you more-flickr and a digital camera have completely changed the way I view things. I love your everyday life group-it means so much to me. Thanks for sharing this with us-so lovely.

  2. You bet...there are loads of people out there who love everyday life captures and yaay to digital cameras;-))
    Thanks to your Flickr group, I have a great place to post, share and get inspired:-)


  3. Astrid: thank you for administrating the "my everyday life" group. I agree with you wholeheartedly - digital photography opens our eyes, and makes it affordable to capture the beauty in the ordinary ... which is, in fact the lovliness of our own reality while we are here. I appreciate so much all that you do. - Molly



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