Thursday, 21 February 2008


It's fun seeing what you stumble across when doing research online. While doing research for some upcoming articles today, I found the blog this is glamorous and a post about Carla Bruni. She is a Italian-French singer, songwriter, supermodel and wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy. I have never heard of this beautiful woman, but I fell in love with the photos, taken by Bharat Sikka (who currently has no working website). I thought I'd share it with you.


  1. i love those images. thanks for sharing astrid.

  2. These are very nice images - Bruni is so pretty. Something funny I just noticed: in every picture, her dress seems to be getting a little bit smaller! ;)

  3. So glad you liked this post! When I first saw these images, I was completely captivated--Ms. Bruni is stunning.

  4. Isn't it amazing, this blogging world:-) Italian-French model, photographed by an Indian and blogged by you:-))

    Awesome photographs:-))


  5. yap and Bruni (+ Sarkozy) is all there ever is to read about in the French press these days! (I live in France btw). I find her quite pretty but her nose is a bit funny, it looks like she did plastic surgery when in fact it is very probably her natural nose.

  6. love these photos, but the funny thing is that i first saw them last friday, in the cd-cover of her album, in a secondhandshop in Berlin. We thought about buying it, but we didnt..
    its a nice blog you have here:)



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