Friday, 1 February 2008

baby you can ride my bike

This morning while eating breakfast, I flicked through an issue of Australian Donna Hay magazine (thanks so much Deborah!). I instantly fell in love with this bicycling story. Such a lovely summery feeling. And so different from my own bicycling experience today. One word - snow...

I'm off to the mountains to celebrate a friend's 30 years birthday this weekend. Have a fun weekend - whereever you are in the world!

PS: Click on the images to see them a little bigger.


  1. ah, it makes me feel warm inside to look at those beautiful summer pictures!

  2. those magazine pages look so lovely ! i so would love to take a peak at the rest of the pages ;) donna hay is such a favorite.

    enjoy your weekend and have fun!

  3. yes, the images are so beautiful...

    You too have a great weekend:-)

  4. oh i looove donna hay - i want to be Con Poulos when i grow up...



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