Monday, 3 December 2007

work and food


I have a plan to post here every day, but sometimes life takes over, and there's less time for online fun. You know how it is, don't you?

I was quite absent from this space the last week, which was filled with lots of work and great food. For those of you interested in what was on the menu, take a look at my Flickr photostream. It seems like this week will be as busy as the last, so I'll probably not be around here much this week either. When life slows down I'll take some time to write about Scandinavian design, which I got a question about in a comment on one of my recent posts. I also have a couple of other things planned to share with you. In the mean time I'll probably find time to upload photos on Flickr daily, like I normally do.

Have a great week friends!


  1. i wish you a great week too! it's mostly positive when "normal" life takes over online life, as long as it doesn't do it for too long (well that's a guest's opinion) ;)

  2. Your photos are wonderful, looks like life stuff is good...enjoy time away from the computer/blog.



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