Tuesday, 20 November 2007

a long workday

You all know the feeling of a long working day, don't you? The first part of the day, when it's still daylight outside, your energy and spirits are high. At lunchtime it drops a little because you are hungry, but after a quick bite you are ready to go again. Then, at about 4-5 pm, it's time for another meal. At least for me it is. I eat small meals often. This last meal was an organic sunflower seeds whole grain roll from Godt Brød with a homemade spread of mayonnaise, eggs and scrimps bought at Kjøttbasaren. It was so, so good. But it did not lift my energy level at all. I'm so tired; all I want to do is sleep. Its dark outside, so why not?

What is your trick to keep going the second part of a long workday, when it's dark outside and all you want to do is go home?

The photo above was taken some weeks ago when I biked home from work. Close to my home there is a steep hill through a church yard. I never bike up the hill, it's too stressful. As I walked up the hill, I saw the moon shining through the tree branches. It was pretty nice, so I took this photo with my old analog slr. It's not the best moon shot in the world, but who cares?

That's all. Now I'm going to work. Astrid out. 6 pm.

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  1. mm, i used to work very, very long hours. i hesitate to help you do the same -- i'm not sure it's good for you!

    i did it by making the night work time as different as possible from the day work time. the type of work i did made it possible for me to watch tv or a movie while i worked, or i would listen to music. i would keep the room as bright as possible, and i would eat a tasty but *light* dinner so i would be energized but not feel sleepy.

    for about three years, i worked 60-90 hours/week. but i wouldn't recommend it! :^)



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